Why add video to your site?

  1. It builds your search results. Google indexes video content and returns it in search results.
  2. It gets you on YouTube, the second largest search engine (next to Google). Reach a greater number of people by posting videos to YouTube.
  3. It’s personal. Videos add a face and voice to the words on your site.
  4. It attracts people who prefer visuals. People like to consume information in different ways. Some prefer watching and listening over reading large amounts of text (especially online).

Creating a Video Room

Creating a video room involves adding videos and then pulling them onto a page or post. The videos must be uploaded to a video sharing platform. We recommend YouTube.

To add videos:

  1. From within the Video tab on the left navigation, click Add Video.
  2. Enter a title for your video.
  3. Enter the URL for the video (e.g. the YouTube URL).
  4. Add a short description.
  5. Add a Video Type (found on the right under publishing options). This lets you categorize your videos.
  6. Click Save All Changes.
  7. Publish the Page.

To pull videos onto a page:

  1. Add/Edit the page or post on which you would like to put a video room.
  2. Click the List Videos icon at the top the visual editing panel, as shown below.Video button
  3. Select the category(ies) you want to display. You can also choose how many videos to display by typing the number of videos to show in the Limit box.
  4. Click Insert Video Listing.
  5. Publish or Update the page.

To change the order of your videos:

  1. From within the Video tab on the left navigation, click Re-Order.
  2. Scroll down to Manual Order.
  3. Drag and drop videos in the order that you would like them to appear.
  4. Click Update.

To add videos to your homepage:

  1. Click the Homepage tab on the left navigation
  2. Choose Homepage – News/Events/Videos/People from the Homepage Options.
  3. Scroll down towards the bottom and choose your options.


Add a feature video

  • Easily add a feature video to the top of your page by putting the video URL above the shortcode. The feature video will be full size above the video thumbnails.

Add a feature video

Choose thumbnails & optimize descriptions on YouTube

  • YouTube allows you to choose a thumbnail. Change the thumbnail if you prefer something other than the default.
  • Add captivating titles and good descriptions on YouTube to get the attention of both  people and search engines!