Post Thumbnails

All listing pages (news and events) are designed to have a thumbnail image. There are three thumbnail options, which can be found below the content editing box under Post Options:

  1. Upload your own thumbnail image to posts.
    Upload a thumbnail image
  2. Choose an image from the Post Thumbnail Icon field. You can view a preview of the listed images by clicking ‘View previews here’.View thumbnail previews
  3. Allow the CMS to automatically select an image (this will be the default if none is chosen).


  • When creating your own images, thumbail size is 160 x 160 pixels
  • If you do not have an image editing program on your computer, Pixlr is a simple and free online tool you can use
  • Before you select an image from the thumbnails provided, view a preview to see your best option
  • If there are any images you would like to see added to our growing thumbnail library, please contact us!