Creating Image Slideshows

Creating Image Slideshows

Below is an example of an image slideshow.

Creating an image slideshow involves adding a photo grouping and then pulling that photo grouping onto a page or post.

Note: using large images (such as those taken directly from a digital camera) can result in issues during the image upload. Large images will also take longer for a browser to load. It is recommended to reduce the size of your image before uploading (between 600 and 800 pixels should be suitable)

To create a photo grouping:

  1. From within the Photos tab on the left navigation, click Add Photo Grouping.
  2. Enter a title for your photo grouping.
  3. Click Add Media button
  4. Click Create Gallery
  5. Click Upload Files, then Select Files to choose images you want from your computer
  6. Once the images are loaded to the Media Gallery, click Create a new gallery
  7. Click Insert gallery
  8. Publish the Page.

To pull a photo grouping onto a page:

  1. Add/Edit the page you would like to add the photo grouping to.
  2. Click the Slideshow Link icon located at the right end of the visual editing panel
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the gallery you just created
  4. Click Insert Slideshow.
    The shortcode of the photo gallery should automatically appear in the editing box
  5. Publish or Update the page

Creating an Image Slideshow