Images and graphics add visual appeal of your website. They can also strengthen your written message by visually stimulating the reader to associate the image with the text.

Note: if you don’t have Photo editing software on your computer, you can use a free online service at Pixlr. It will allow you to resize, crop and rotate your images, then download them back to your desktop.

Uploading Media Files & Inserting Images into Content

Uploading media files and adding images to your content can easily be done in one of two different ways. Learn more about uploading media files »


Images are often used to illustrate details or to help increase the understanding  of information on  a web page. It is therefore important to ensure your images are accessible. Learn more about accessible images »

Creating Slideshows / Galleries

Combine images with modals to easily create slideshows. Learn more about creating slideshows / galleries »

Deleting Images

Remove unwanted images in just a couple of seconds. Learn more about deleting images from your site »


Add thumbnail images to your posts and events. Learn more about adding thumbnails to your posts »