To add a new profile:

  1. Click People.People
  2. Click Add Person.
  3. Enter the persons name into the Title field.
  4. Scroll down to the custom field template and fill in their information.
  5. Enable their profile type.
  6. Categorize the person by checking a box under People Types at the right or Add New Category to create a new type.
  7. Click Publish.

More information can also be added to the content editing box, such as research accomplishments.

To edit a person’s details:

  1. Click People.
  2. Click on the individuals name.
  3. Edit the details from the Custom Field Template.
  4. Click Update Page.

To pull a people listing onto a page:

The Listing Page template option is no longer available in the current template. You can now create a people listing by using the List People button in the content editing box toolbar.

  1. Add/Edit the page on which you would like to put a people listing.
  2. Select the people listing button as shown below.People Listing Button
  3. Choose the category or categories of people you would like to list, or leave all the boxed unchecked to list all people.
  4. Click Insert People Listing. A piece of shortcode will be entered into your editing box.
  5. Update the page.