Advanced Functionality

Advanced Functionality

This section covers some more advanced features:  Adding columns, video, modal windows, and slidemes. This content is all created using the new buttons feature in the toolbar of the Visual Content Editing box. It also covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the SEO features in the current template.

Organizing Content in Two Columns

Content can be easily organized into columns. Learn how to create columns »

Adding Video to Your Site

Videos can easily be added to your site. You can even create a video room. Learn how to add videos »

Creating Modal Windows

Modal windows are a dynamic way to display important information and access different content without having to leave the page. Learn more about modal windows »

Search Engine Optimization

There are ways that you can get your site to show up in more searches. Learn more about search engine optimization »

Creating Slideme’s

Users can expand and collapse content with the use of Slideme’s. Learn how to create Slideme’s »