The Canada – EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: Regional Trade Agreements and EU Trade Policy

The Canada – EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: Regional Trade Agreements and EU Trade Policy

Location: Faculty of Law: McGill University, Montréal – October 31, 2014

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This one-day conference, devoted to analysis of the CETA text, will include topics such as:

  • Insider perspectives on CETA
  • An economic, political, and legal analysis of the CETA text
  • Government procurement
  • Services [including financial services and the movement of professional persons]
  • Regulatory cooperation
  • Taxation issues

Agenda Day 1

Agenda Day 2

Registration is required.  For more information, contact Kendra Hefti-Rossier

Under the aegis of the Canada – Europe Transatlantic Dialogue, former EUCE Director Armand de Mestral is involved in a series of conferences devoted to CETA and EU policy on regional trade agreements. The object of these conferences is to examine various aspects of EU policy, particularly as it affects Canada and the rest of North America.

The first conference took place in Lausanne on the opening of the International Trade Law masters programme in February 2014. Canadian participants included Professor Kurt Hübner (UBC), Thierry Warin (HEC Montréal), de Mestral (McGill), and Canadian WTO ambassador Jon Fried. European scholars from Lausanne, Seigen and Brussels participated, as well as officials from Berne and Brussels.  The final conference will be in Brussels in the Spring of 2015.

*This conference is being held in conjunction with a related conference taking place on Saturday, November 1, 2014.  This conference will be devoted to problems of international arbitration, including investor-state arbitration under the CETA Investment Chapter. This second conference is organised by Professor Andrea Bjorklund, Yves Fortier Chair, Faculty of Law at McGill University. Those registering for one conference are welcome to register for the other.

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